Perishable Freight Forwarder Marketing

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Perishable Freight Forwarder Marketing

For the transport of perishable products it is necessary to control the temperature of the cargo very well. There are several risks to which products are exposed, and monitoring must be done carefully.


For example: in the case of refrigerated products, the cargo must be transported at an appropriate temperature. For frozen products, there are other temperatures and procedures.


To do this, you would like a reliable perishable air freight forwarder, which uses a refrigerated container, efficient cargo tracking and also special vehicles, which can guarantee the maintenance of the cold chain to its final destination.


Regarding care for the perishable air freight, in these cases, it is necessary to strictly control all stages of the chain to ensure that everyone involved in transport complies with the requirements necessary to maintain the quality and safety of the products.


Transport is normally considered the main vulnerable point and is subject to risks throughout the process. It must be in synergy with the conditions of packaging, storage and preservation of perishable products.



Cold Chain


To maintain the quality of pharmaceutical logistics, great care must be taken with the transportation of temperature sensitive products. Thermal and refrigerated packaging methods and specialized logistics are used to protect the integrity of these perishable shipments.


There are several ways in which cold chain products can be transported, including refrigerated trucks and cars, refrigerated cargo ships also by air transport of perishable cargo.


The cold chain is therefore a process-based science. It requires an understanding of the chemical and biological processes associated with perishability.


The technology is used to ensure adequate temperature conditions throughout the freight. The process involves a series of tasks that must be performed to organize, store, transport and monitor temperature sensitive products



Cold chain logistics


Some of the elements include:

  • Cold Storage - Thermal installations to store goods and perishable products waiting to be transported.
  • Cooling systems - Systems that elevate and maintain food and medicine at an appropriate temperature throughout all aspects of the cold chain, including processing, storage and transportation.
  • Cold transport - Ensures that the goods remain at stable levels of temperature and humidity throughout the transport, be it land, water or air.
  • Cold processing - Installations that allow the processing of goods with adequate sanitation, without losing temperature.
  • Cold distribution - deals with loading boxes and pallets to distribute goods.



Refrigerated Cargo


Refrigerated cargo requires special handling to ensure that it reaches its destination in optimal condition. Only companies specialized in this type of cargo can guarantee that the quality of the product is maintained from the point of departure to its final destination, mainly in international freight.


The key to success is not only in point equipment and logistics, but it is mainly in the qualified team that performs all processes with mastery. Attendants, technicians, pilots, assistants ... all are the key component that makes the transportation of perishable products possible.

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